Xfinity & Peacock

Our goal was to extend the Peacock brand into the television experience of X1 and Flex for the launch of the Peacock app on the Xfinity ecosystem. We wanted to build an experience that would tie into the promotional materials that were already released in print and other digital media.

Early Findings

We noticed that Peacock had two different styles for their marketing. The first, which we called their "hero branding", focused on a black and gold color scheme. This was used for big, bold, memorable moments from their content. The second, "brand-forward", incorporated all the colors from the Peacock and NBCUniversal brand.

The strategy after rounds of feedback was to use the hero branding and allow it to carry a more typographical heavy tile. While we still used talent occasionally, we thought it would be more effective to have a stronger type treatment on a brand that didn't use too many colors.

Peacock Hero Branding

Extension of Hero Branding into Xfinity Editorial Tiles

Peacock Brand Forward

Extension of Brand Forward into Xfinity Editorial Tiles

Editorial placements on Flex

X1 Screensaver

X1 Screensaver

X1 homescreen placements

X1 homescreen placements

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